JioPages :- A new Jio web Browser

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JioPages :- A new Jio web Browser

JioPages is a new jio web browser.

Jio is a telecom company that provides the user many useful services that are cost effective. Now, Jio Launch a new web browser named as “JioPages” which is very strong. It is like other browser but it is more secure and also provides a safe and uninterrupted browsing of data.

You can change or customize your home screen and also bookmarks the pages and websites so that users can access them easily. In this browser users can use incognito mode.

Jiopages is an Indian browser. This browser comes with various features like:- it has scanner in which you can scan QR Code, also has voice search. Users can use this browser in their preferred language. Users will also get notification of latest news in the browser’s home screen.

Some Important features of JioPages:

  • Customize your Home Screen
  • You can set or bookmark links for quick access from home page.
  • Users can use ‘Informative Cards’ for the updates of their interested topics.
  • JioPages also has a ‘Dark Mode facility, Users can change their browser’s theme anytime.
  • Preferred Language
  • Currently Browser has only 8 Language those are “Hindi, English, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati and Malayalam”.
  • You will get updates in your preferred language.
  • It also has Ad Blocker. You can block Ads and Popups for better browsing experience.
  • Landscape view.
  • Safe Incognito Mode: user can set a security pin incognito mode for security purpose.
  • Download manager: Automatically separate the files on the basis of their type like image, video, gif etc.


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