Introduction To powerful AI And ML

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Introduction To AI And ML

Introduction To AI And ML :- AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and ML stands for Machine Learning. Both are new technology for the digital world.

Artificial Intelligence :-   AI is one of the fastest technology in the modern world because it helps in making the intelligence machine. By these Intelligence machine, People’s work much more easy and comfort. AI is using in many fields. For example:- Playing chess, Self driving cars and Alexa is also one of the top example of AI.

AI is very great technology in computer science field, It has a good scope in future. AI makes the machine which works as a Human like Robot. These machine act as a Human, Work as a Human. These Machines have a skills like Human. For example :- Problem Solving Skill, Thinking ability etc.

With the help of AI, you can make software that will help you in daily life. You can make your own device like Siri, Cortona etc. but It will be very costly and increase our laziness. Because we will depend on the machines and that is very harmful for our health.

Machine Learning :- ML is the study of algorithms or you can say it is a subset of AI. In which machines or systems has a ability to learn automatically and improve themselves without being particularly programmed. There are some machine learning methods are as follows:-

    • Supervised Machine Learning
    • Unsupervised Machine Learning
    • Semi Supervised Machine Learning
    • Reinforcement Machine Learning

Programming Language used in Machine Learning :-

  1. P.YTHON
  2. R
  3. LISP
  4. Java and JavaScript

Examples of Machine Learning:- 

  • Image Recognition
  • Speech Recognition
  • Medical Field (Diagnosis)
  • Learning and Prediction etc.

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