Create your first smart Instance on AWS EC2

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  • Amazon EC2 Setup
  • Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  • Amazon Key File - Authentication
  • Security Group
  • Elastic IP

If you  are new in AWS and you want to deploy your first instance on AWS EC2 so i’m here to helping for deploying your project. Amazon Web Services is offering 12 months free trial for micro instance with 1024 MB RAM. In this post I will explain how to set up an Amazon instance with Ubuntu operating system and XAMPP server.
Every Student must use this services for deploying and test projects. It is free for 1 Year that can be very useful for college students that can’t purchase servers or AWS paid services for project testings.

Translation in

First Instance on AWS EC2

Getting started with AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)

Very first you need to create an account on with a valid credit card and then activate micro free tier. Click here to access Amazon console dashboard.

Step 1

After Amazon console login you will see following screen, select EC2 from Compute category.

aws ec2

Step 2

Choose your server Region. I have select Asia PAcific (Mumbai).

ec2 region

Step 3

Click Launch Instance button.

aws launch instance

Step 4

Now choose OS for your web server, I suggest use Ubuntu. Please confirm, that should be listed in free tier.


Step 5

Choose an Instance type. I will suggest to choose t2.micro. Click on Configure instance details

t2 micro instance

Step 6

Here you can changes according to requirment otherwise click on Add storeg.

Step 7

In this step you can Increase or Decrease storeg according to your need. By default stored is 8GB. Click on next

ec2 storeg

Step 8

In this steps you can Add tags for your instance. After it Click on next : Configure Security Groups

ec2 security groups

Step 9

Here you need to Configure Security Groups. You can choose as here. You can also rename this security Groups. After it Click on Review and Launch.

ec2 security groups

Step 10

Here is Details of Your Instance Configuration. Click on Launch.

instance details

Step 11

Creating Amazon Key File – Authentication -Most important part in this installation process.

In this steps you need to create a new key pair.

ec2 key pair

Step 12

Give valid name and click to Download Key Pair. You will get an .pem file. After it Click on Launch Instance. Please keep safe this file.

launch instance

Step 13

Finally your Instance has Launched. Click on View Launch Log.

ec2 launch log

Step 14

Here is Your Instance. I have renamed it from Vocational IT.

ec2 Instance

Step 15

Elastic IP – Create Static IP Address

Basically, Amazon instance will provide you a dynamic public DNS name, this is not stable. So you need a static IP.

Go to Network & Security category and select Elastic IPs, click Allocate New Address.

ec2 Elastic IP

Step 16

Click on Allocate.

elastic IP

Step 17

Here is Your IP Address is Allocated Successfully. Now you need to Associate Elastic IP Address.

elastic IP

Step 18

Select your Instance and click on Associate.


Step 19

Elastic IP Associated Successfully. You can also rename it.

ec2 IP

Step 20

Now go to Instance section and see your Instance Details.

EC2 Dashboard

Finally your Instance has been Configured Successfully. Now we will connect and access this Instance by Putty or BASH.

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